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looking for nothing

this week a 6 page story about nothing, originally created for Nautilus Magazine for entire issue about the concept of nothing. a big thanks to AD Len Small for helping me find my way in this story.

Read the full story is right here.

if you prefer you can read it in hebrew.

please consider supporting this blog. you can do that on Patreon, where you can see an early version of this story, in layout stage.

talk soon,



"Since the disappearance of Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gilad Shaar, 16, and Naftali Fraenkel, 16, there has been no indication as to their fate, nor have any demands been made by their kidnappers.
By Saturday night, 335 Palestinians had been arrested, including about 260 Hamas operatives."



third generation

my good friend michel kichka's graphic novel "deuxieme generation" (second generation), about his experience growing up with a father who is holocaust surviver, was finally translated to hebrew, originally published in french.

it's a great piece of autobiographic comics, and if you read hebrew here is a chat we had for the occasion.

unused doodles


Tel Aviv 2033

this is a ten pages story that was originally created for Villa Méditerranée publication, which also includes work by Nicolas de Crécy and François Olislaeger.

it's about Tel Aviv in the future.



one day baby we'll be old

(print available here)

how was your purim?
and here is a photo of the family in real life:



the writer

I will be present at Angouleme this weekend for the international comics festival!
come say hi if you're going too:


Crash Landing in Reality

I look through the window and see nuclear missiles falling on Tel Aviv in slow motion. when I wake up I realize we are all watching a catastrophe happening slowly, and for a brief moment it even looks beautiful. where is that damn pause button?


Look! Up in the Sky!

you can see the process for this image on my Patreon page

There's a war coming. Everyone knows it but nobody seems worried, almost as if it's just a longer winter. The experts are saying it's happening in May. We will wake up to the sounds of sirens, grab the kid and run down to the shelter. Tel Aviv will be bombed by hundreds of missiles. from that point on it will be hard to predict what will happen, but I will do my best in the limits on this blog to provide an accurate description, projecting a possible future.

Meanwhile, consider getting a Limited Editions Print of the Realist from the new Etsy store. It might not be there for very long, but surly will last at least until May.


week 78 :: And Then She Was Gone

A small group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews from Beit Shemesh (near Jerusalem), has gone wild. Under the pretense of "life of modesty" they have attacked a girl of 8 years old on her way to school because she wasn't dressed according to their dress code. They insist that on public transportation women will sit in the back, and generally prefer women to stay in the shadows (meaning take care of the children AND go to work, since they are busy studying the words of god). As long as they have acted as a sect in Mea-Shearimg (Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem) no one tried to stop them. Now, as they are spreading to other parts of the country, they are trying to force their primitive values and twisted morals on everyone else.

Read more here


week 69 :: Fucked Up Generation

I didn't even translate the title for this one because it doesn't mean much in English.
It's a title of a famous Israeli song from the 90's by pop star Aviv Geffen. It means "It's Cloudy Now" and one of the reasons this song got so popular is the catchy line "We are a fucked up generation".
Now, the city of tents is gone, the summer is over. It seemed for a moment that our generation was doing the right thing, then it started raining.

But I have good news too. My brother Tomer has an incredible Art book out called OVERKILL. You should seriously check it out!