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week 63 :: the revolution will be televised

The times are changing in Israel. A city of tents is being built at the center of Tel Aviv, on Rothschild avenue, by thousands of middle and working class citizens who are unable to afford a decent home or even pay their bills.
(Haaretz) "More than anything, the protest places civilian issues front and center in the public discourse, with distribution of resources, concentration of economic power, the link between big business and government and the state's obligation to its citizens at the top of the list." more here

On a different front, I'm posting process sketches of the Realist on google + under my name.


  1. Ouch! That one is quite dark. Now I wonder -why the 80's hair? I hope that will never come back in fashion -not even in 2050.

  2. Very fitting comic today so close to Kubrick's birthday. I love it and could totally see this as a Kubrick movie!

  3. וואו. חזק. הפחד מיום כזה שיבוא כמעט ועצר אותי מלומר שפחד מתקופות כאלו קיים כבר מאז שנות החמישים (1984) ונראה לי שבזכות קומיקסים כמו זה אנשים בתכלס מספיק מודעים לזה שצריך להיזהר מזה.
    ועדיין, הפחד מיום כזה קיים, כי מודעות לא תמיד פותרת הכל.
    בכל מקרה, אהבתי מאוד

  4. Yummy!
    Oh, and I know where they took that homeless man.

  5. BTW that homeless guy is me. didn't you see the glasses?!

  6. Cool, Asaf. Both ominous and gorgeous.

  7. Please consider making a series or graphic novel out of this concept. I think it would be beyond amazing. -Lisa Marie


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